10 Festive Reasons


If you have already attended the Kal Classic, then you’ll find a few more reasons to return to the 7th annual Festival. If you haven’t had the chance to do the ‘Kal Classic’, here are 10 fresh reasons to join us this year.  Pick n’ choose!

  1. Kalamalka Lake – Enjoy a weekend of padding and play on one of Canada’s most scenic lakes.  Find out what Malka actually means….
  2. Kalamalka Crossing – The 10 mile scenic trek across the length of the lake.
  3. Prizes and Prize Money – Tons of prizes from sponsors for all events and prize money for the King and Queen of Kalamalka.  Over $7,000 in cash and prizes to be awarded.
  4.  Eats and Treats-Kick back after the day’s events and some tasty food, music and good times.
  5. Meet new paddlers – It’s a great chance to connect the ever growing community of paddlers where you’ll meet folk from across Canada and the US.
  6. Kid Friendly – There are a variety of events on Saturday just for kids including the Keiki Holo Kids race.  Add in some face painting, drawing contests and a good time at the beach.
  7. WikiHolo – A spectator friendly event that serves up an exciting short course with a beach start, beach runs and a course that keeps everyone on their feet.
  8. (New!) Mega SUP Team Relay – Saturday afternoon is all about fun. We’re bringing in Twin Fish’s Kracken and Starboard’s Starship for teams to go head to head. Costumes highly encouraged.
  9. Enjoy the sights and sounds of Vernon – There’s lots to do in the region including a variety of family-friendly places.  Try Davison’s Orchard, Planet Bee, Silver Star Mtb Park, Sparking Hill, Predator Ridge Golf and even Oyama Zipline.
  10. Demo Zone – Try out new boards and paddles from Starboard, Twin Fish and more

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