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Their Mission:
To preserve and protect the quality and health of Kalamalka Lake Watershed for all future generations so that the lake may be enjoyed by all user groups in an environmentally sustainable manner.

How it all started:
The Society for the Protection of Kalamalka Lake (SPrKL) was founded by Christine Cookson in 2008. Christine had recently moved from Switzerland to Coldstream into a house along Kal Lake when she was moved to start a Society to protect this beautiful natural resource.  In her native country of Switzerland, Christine had witnessed pollution in lakes similar to Kal Lake and wanted to be involved in a movement to keep the lake as healthy as possible.KalLake-widview

SPrKL’s grassroot beginnings started with a loyal band of 5 directors, including Christine, and has grown to include eight directors, over 100 single or family members, 6 corporate members (other societies) and over 130 Facebook members.

We are a casual bunch and enjoy the time we spend together whether its cleaning up creeks, planting shrubs or manning a booth.  We have a couple of wine and cheese events for our members every year and encourage people to get out and have some fun while they’re supporting a good cause.



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